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Dedicated to curing pain

Capitalizing on our ground-breaking human data-guided target identification and validation platform, we are redefining the landscape of pain management
About Us

Our mission is to cure chronic pain with precision medicines

We have generated the largest privately held multi-omic database of human sensory tissue. This enables Doloromics' Nociceptive Cartography, yielding a high-fidelity molecular roadmap of pain condition-specific therapeutic targets.

Our Value

Who We Are: World-Class Domain Expertise
Our team comprises innovative thinking, deep neuropharmacologic and pain biology knowledge, and proven pharmaceutical industry experience to pioneer an entirely new way of discovering and developing better, safer analgesics for patients.
What We Do: Precision Medicines for Targeted Pain Relief
Our therapeutic pipeline is prospectively designed to address root causes of painful disease, so that we can design and deliver the right medicine for the right patient across a broad spectrum of mechanistically distinct chronic pain conditions.
How We Do It: Best-in-Class Discovery Engine
We start with human disease tissues and multi-omically elucidate key drivers of pain.  We then employ proprietary technologies to validate the relevant targets and the clinical candidates designed to modulate them.
Doloromics is on a
revolutionary mission to end human suffering