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Precision Pain Target Identification and Validation Platform

We created DOLOReS to harness the power of human multi-omic data and bespoke screening technologies to design and deliver therapeutics that will alleviate pain across a broad-spectrum of pathological conditions in humans.
About Platform

A game-changer in the realm of precision therapeutics, DOLOReS is our proprietary end-to-end human pain target identification and validation platform. Leveraging a comprehensive database built on transcriptomic and proteomic sequencing of human sensory tissue, DOLOReS is designed to expedite and de-risk therapeutic R&D and drive medical innovation to an unprecedented extent. Doloromics aims to reduce human suffering through precision medicine and reshape the future of pain management.

A comprehensive human-first target identification and validation platform

Biological Cartography
Comprehensive next generation sequencing datasets to investigate the biology of the human Dorsal Root Ganglion (DRG) and spinal cord across health and disease
Mechanism Focused Algorithms
A cutting-edge computational approach using human-first data, tissue profiling, and AI tools to find the mechanistic drivers of chronic pain and the persistence of disease
In Vitro & Ex Vivo Modeling
Proprietary, Next Generation iPSC-derived sensory neurons and ex vivo DRG tissue explants are utilized to recreate disease microenvironments and validate drug candidates.
Informed Clinical Translatability
Our platform focuses on human data and human disease mechanisms to treat human pain

Use Cases

Scientist Transforms Research into Life-Changing Therapeutics
“By the time he had completed his degree at The University of Texas at Dallas, Jackson Brougher PhD’22 was already putting his research to work...”
The University of Texas at Dallas
By Jeff Joiner
Aug 31, 2022
‘Highly Selective’ Illumina Accelerator Picks Dallas-Based Doloromics for its Second Funding Cycle
“Doloromics, a local therapeutics discovery startup that uses technology to find better ways to treat chronic pain, is one of nine companies selected...”
Dallas Innovates
By Alex Edwards
Feb 16, 2021
Doloromics is on a
revolutionary mission to end human suffering